Kyle & Selena Spires

A very, very special night ❤️ Selena is one of our staff member’s sister, so this was family. We can’t say thank you enough for allowing us to be a small part of your story. Words can not say how much we love the newest Camp David couple, Mr. and Mrs. Spires! Kyle and Selena, we hope your wedding day was everything you dreamed of ? We love y’all! #thecabinatcampdavid #familymatters #southernbelle
Photos By: Ashley Dennis Photography

Cody & Sarah Smith

Laid back, down to earth, southern couple that loves each other ❤️ Cody Smith and Sarah Swanner are now known as Mr. and Mrs. Smith ? Congratulations to the newest Camp David couple! #thecabinatcampdavid #southernbelle
Photos By: Kevin Lanier Photography

Boones Chapel

Sunday evening, Camp David was able to celebrate the 4th early with the fine people of Boones Chapel! What a group! For the 2nd year in a row, they had their 4th of July get together with us and we loved hosting you again! Thank you Bro. Phil for trusting us with this event! With so much going on in the world today, it is good to see the pride, patriotism, and genuine fellowship that this congregation showed ❤️?? #thankyoutroops #usa

James & Theresa Hall

James Hall and Theresa Woltman kicked off their wedding day by fishing together and ended their day by saying “I Do.” That sounds like a pretty good day! ☺️ We hope it was everything you wanted! We wish you guys the best! Congratulations to the newest Camp David couple, James & Theresa Hall ❤️ #thecabinatcampdavid #southernbelle

Ellie Ruth Chatman

One of our very own turned 2 Saturday!!! How can this be? ? Thank you to everyone that celebrated with us! Ellie Ruth Chatman is LOVED ❤️ #thecabinatcampdavid #familymatters

Derek & Kasey Lassitter

Camp David had another magical weekend as Kasey Burton and Derek Lassitter are now One! Everything was perfect ?? Weather, ceremony, food, music, pictures ✔️ Congratulations to our newest couple! #thecabinatcampdavid #lassitersatlast
Photos By: Per-ceptions Photography

David & Carrie Henson

Another couple is now Camp David family ❤️ Congratulations to David Henson and Carrie Rushton as their family and friends gathered to witness such a special day! We hope you two nothing but the best as a totally new chapter begins!

Brant & Ashley Harrison

Camp David witnessed another last name changed, two families blended, and more memories made! Congratulations to Brant Harrison and Ashley Wade as they start a new chapter of their lives together! Have a blast on your cruise ?? #thecabinatcampdavid
Side note: We are often asked, “What if the weather is bad?” This event is your answer. Rain was in the forecast, so the Pavilion was used for the ceremony and then in a matter of minutes was transformed into a place for the reception. It wasn’t Plan A, but our Plan B is still capable of a making your event possible!

David Silas Party

Tonight will never be forgotten as family and friends came to celebrate a life that has made an impact on many, many people. Someone that has many times put others before himself. A man that has built his very own company due to a work ethic that rare is today’s world. Who is this man? Mr. Camp David himself! Happy 70th Birthday / “Semi” Retirement to David Silas! We hope you enjoyed it sir! Pictured: David’s siblings and grand children (one great grandchild). This man is loved. There’s no doubt about that ❤️ #thecabinatcampdavid #familymatters

Rodney & Audrey Bosworth

March 24th, 2018, will be a day that Rodney and Audrey Bosworth always remember. Surrounded by family and friends, these two promised each other F.O.R.E.V.E.R. What a promise! Never give up during the tough times, and never take for granted the good times. We wish you two the best! ❤️ And yes Rodney, you can come back to fish ?? #thecabinatcampdavid #tyingtheknot

Eric and Stephanie Cummings

Our first wedding of 2018 is in the books! And there was no better couple to start our year with than Stephanie Gamper and Eric Cummings! Two respectful, down-to-earth people that truly love each other with families and friends that truly love them. What more could we ask for? Congratulations to our first 2018 couple, Mr. And Mrs. Eric Cummings! ???

Greg and McKenzie Williams

A. Day. To. Remember
Greg Williams and McKenzie Cleveland were joined by family and friends to celebrate their love for one another! What a beautiful day it was as the weather, food, people, bride and groom were absolutely perfect!Congratulations to the newest members of the Camp David family, Mr. and Mrs. Williams!

Trey & Shelby Wright

What a beautiful day it was! On November 4th, Trey Wright and Shelby Powell said “I Do.” “I Do.” Such a simple phrase, but the meaning is so much more! Through the good and bad, remember the vows that each of you sealed with “I Do.” We hope Camp David will be a special place in your hearts forever ❤️ Congratulations to this newly-wed couple, Mr. and Mrs. Wright!

Kevin & Whitney Parrish

On October 28th, the weather challenged us. The last-minute transition challenged us. However, Kevin Parrish and Whitney Delashaw still had their “moment”. That moment where something unexplainable happens, when two becomes one. Two people are now one! Two families are now one! We hope you and your guests had that once in a lifetime experience! We wish you many years of love and happiness ❤️ Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Parrish!
*Photo Credit: Mandy Alverson Photography

Clayton & Katie Pitts

The morning of October 14th, you woke up as Katie Pate. That evening, you walked down the aisle as Katie Pate. With family and friends in attendance, you became a new person! Congratulations to our newest Camp David couple, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Pitts!

Rann & Taylor Causey

October 7th, 2017, was a day that many people looked forward to! Not only family and friends, but this was personal for our staff! We are thankful that our friends trusted us with their special day! Rann and Taylor, what a night. We hope it was everything you dreamed. We wish you nothing but the best as this new chapter of life begins! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Rann Causey!

Jeffery & Crystal Davis

September 23, 2017, will always be a day to remember for Jeffery Davis and Crystal Houston! The two were joined by family and friends to celebrate the love they have for each other! We wish you nothing but the best! Have fun in Hawaii!

Tyler & Emily Ray

“My wedding day was perfect!!…All in all, the venue is amazing!!” Another happy Bride, what else can we ask for? We are very happy for this sweet, sweet couple. Congratulations to Tyler and Emily Ray!
*Photo credited to Lex & Lee Photography

Karly’s Baby Shower

Family and friends gave this beautiful mom-to-be a baby shower at The Cabin on Saturday! We are honored you picked us for this special occasion! We are excited for Brandon and Karly Blanton as they prepare for little miss Ramsey’s arrival! Congratulations!

John & Brandi McClelland

What. A. Night. Congratulations to Brandi Brown and John McClelland as they became one in marriage on August 19, 2017! It was a pleasure to have you and your guests! We wish you nothing but the best!

Boones Chapel

The Cabin had the privilege of hosting Boones Chapel Baptist Church for their annual July 4th celebration! What a fun night with games, food, and fireworks! This group was amazing! Thank you for choosing us as your place of fellowship! Happy July 4th Everyone!

Ellie’s 1st Birthday

The Cabin witnessed another memory this past weekend. On June 10th, one of our very own celebrated her 1st Birthday! She played! She ate! She played some more! Thank you for everyone that attended! We are blessed with great family and friends! If you have any pictures from Ellie’s party, please share them with us! We love you guys! Happy Birthday Ellie Ruth Chatman!

Spencer & Amber Knight

The Cabin was a busy place this past weekend! Thursday we had a 13th birthday party. Friday there was a rehearsal dinner. Saturday we witnessed Spencer Knight and Amber Ray join together in marriage! What. A. Weekend! We hope each event was enjoyed by everyone that attended! Congratulations to the newly-wed couple, Mr. and Mrs. Knight! We hope your big day was all you dreamed of! Thanks for choosing The Cabin at Camp David!

Doo & Tabitha Chandler

Rain or shine, May 20th was the day that Doo Chandler and Tabitha Shaver tied the knot! The day that vows were shared and memories were made. It may not have been the best weather for an outdoor event, but our hope is that your dream wedding still became a reality! Most of the time, weather can steer guests away from attending…not this time. There’s no denying that you have an army of support around you! On behalf of our staff, congratulations to the newly-wed couple, Mr. & Mrs. Chandler!

Davis Family Reunion

This past weekend, The Cabin hosted the Davis Family Reunion! With 120+ family members, you can imagine all of the fun and laughter that took place! They played volleyball, kickball, horseshoes, and many more family games! We were glad to have you! Please share your photos with us! We hope The Cabin served you well!

Derek and Christi Green

It was another simple, sweet, and beautiful day at The Cabin! May 6, 2017 will be a day that the Green and Anderson families will never forget as Derek Green and Christi Anderson were joined together in marriage! Congratulations to the newly wed couple, Mr. & Mrs. Green! On a personal note, The Cabin’s staff has known Christi and her family for years and years. Thank you for choosing us for your special day. You have grown up on us! Congratulations again!

Daniel and Jessica Driver

Once again, The Cabin was flooded with guests to witness two individuals become one in marriage! Beautiful day. Stunning bride. Handsome groom. Congratulations to Daniel and Jessica Driver! It was a pleasure serving you!

Cody and Lisa Parks

It was another busy and beautiful weekend at The Cabin! On April 22nd, family and friends gathered together to witness Cody Parks and Lisa Davis become one! We are honored that you and your friends drove 4+ hours to share your special day with us! We truly hope your dream wedding became reality! Thank you again for choosing The Cabin at Camp David, we hope we served you well!

Fred and Cynthia Dobbs

Our 2017 could not have started any better! On April 8th, The Cabin at Camp David had the privilege of seeing Fred Dobbs and Cynthia Seamon joined together! Our staff loves these two and their families dearly, as they have been friends of our family for many years. Thank you for allowing us to be a small part of your special day! And what a special day it was, congratulations!

2017 Southern Bridal Faire

The 2017 Bridal Faire was a success! We were excited to meet all of the beautiful soon-to-be brides, and we did just that! Thanks to everyone that stopped by our booth! We hope you saw a glimpse of what your event could be at Camp David! We hope to hear from you soon!

Scott and Amber Mims

On November 12, 2016, The Cabin at Camp David witnessed Scott Mims and Amber Bice tie the knot! As the pictures show, everything was perfect! It was Cinderella and Prince Charming with their horse and carriage, congratulations!

Dalton and Cara Darnell

On October 29, 2016, The Cabin at Camp David had the pleasure of bringing the Darnell and Meeks families together! Memories were made, vows were said, and hearts were forever changed! We hope your special day was all you dreamed of! Thank you for allowing us to be a small part of it! Congratulations to Dalton and Cara Darnell!

Adam and Jessica Parker

Congratulations to this newlywed couple! Thank you for choosing our venue for your beautiful wedding. We really enjoyed serving you both and your families, y’all are blessed. We can’t wait to see all the pictures! Also, Sheila Keener, you have a beautiful voice.

Justin and Haley Pullen

On October 1, 2016, Justin Pullen and Haley Seamon tied the knot on the grounds of Camp David! A beautiful day, beautiful decorations, and a beautiful bride! What more could we ask for?! Oh, the groom was handsome also! We love you guys, thank you for allowing us to be a small part of your special day! Congratulations!

Myles and Hannah Wolf

We are so glad that Myles Wolf and Hannah Gaither became One at The Cabin at Camp David on October 2, 2016! As you serve our country, it was our honor to serve you! We wish this young, beautiful couple nothing but the best! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Wolf!

Photo Credited to Elise Photography

John David & Rhonda Silas

The new facilities hosted their first wedding on August 18, 2016! Congratulations to John David and Rhonda Silas! We are glad you chose Camp David as the place to join two families together! The ceremony and reception were perfect and Camp David was decorated beautifully! This is a night Camp David will always remember!

2016 Southern Bridal Faire

A big thanks to all the ladies who stopped by our booth on Sunday! It was truly a great time and nice meeting all of you! Remember, anyone who books by March 31, 2016 receives “The Cabin” Special! Hope to be talking with you soon!
Southern Bridal Faire